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Baby Bed Bug -  Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Bed Bug - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Pest Spraying  Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
"Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" is more than a quaint expression. Bed bugs, often referred to as chinches, used to be a common problem before 1950. However, reports of bed bugs have increased since the 1990s, especially in hotels, dormitories and apartments. Bed bugs are excellent 'hitchikers.' Small enough to remain hidden in a suitcase or clothing, they can travel from place to place quickly, setting up residence in your home or dormitory. Each female can lay a total of 200 to 500 eggs during her lifespan. Therefore, bedbug populations can increase quickly, leading to an infestation that is hard to eliminate. A multi-targeted approach such as heat and pesticide is required to eliminate all of the stages of the bed bug life cycle

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"I had some yellow jackets that had made a nest in the front yard and I called and spoke to a very nice man. I had a coupon and he gave me a discount. After he did the deed, I told him he was as good as "Billy the Exterminator". Thank you for helping me out and getting rid of those yellow jackets."
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