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Pest Database in Kannapolis and Surrounding Areas

Carpenter Ant - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Carpenter Ant
Description: Workers vary in size from 1/8" to 1/2" and are black or combinations of black and red. The antenna is segmented, without a club, and the thorax lacks a spine.
Odorous House Ant - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Odorous House Ant
Description: Adults are shiny black, up to 1/8' long. When crushed they give off strong odor of rotten coconut or rancid butter.
Mosquito - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Description: Mosquitoes are small, long legged, two winged insects belonging to the order Diptera and the family Culicidae. The mosquito has four distinct ... Read more
Green Bottle Fly - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Green Bottle Fly
Description: Adults are large, over 1/4', and are shiny metallic green in color.
Termite - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Description: Termites need earth moisture and cellulose from dead trees or the wood in your house to survive. Free-standing mud tubes let termites go from their ... Read more
German Cockroach - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
German Cockroach
Description: About 1/2" to 5/8" long as an adult. Nymphs and adults have two black stripes behind the head. Females can reproduce without males.
Indian Meal Moth - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Indian Meal Moth
Description: The bottom half of the adult moth's front wing is reddish brown/coppery. Overall color varies between dirty white, greenish, pinkish, or ... Read more
Western Box Elder Bug - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Western Box Elder Bug
Description: Adults are approximately 1/2", black with red lines.
Western Yellow Jacket - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Western Yellow Jacket
Description: Adult workers are about 3/8" to 5/8" in length. The abdomen is usually banded with yellow and black. The legs are not seen when in flight.
Silverfish - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Description: Silverfish are wingless and have a flattened teardrop/carrot/fish-shaped body. There are three long, bristle-like or tail-like appendages on ... Read more
Norway Rat - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Norway Rat
Description: Similar to the roof rat but larger and chunkier. The tail is shorter than length of head and body. On average, total body length is 444 millimeters; tail, ... Read more
Deer Mouse - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Deer Mouse
Description: About six inches long to the tip of its tail. It is yellowish brown to grayish white on top, has a white belly and feet, large ears, and a furry tail that is white on the underside.
Hobo Spider - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Hobo Spider
Description: Vary from 1/2" to 1 3/4" in body length, with dark brown carapace. The abdomen has a chevron pattern that often fades in older specimens.
Cigarette Beetles - Pests control in Kannapolis, NC
Cigarette Beetles
Description: Adults are very small, brown to reddish, with the head tucked under the overhanging pronotum. The Cigarette beetle is shinier, more ... Read more

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